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                                        FREE MARRIAGE COUNSELING

                                      GUIDELINES- TO RECEIVE FREE COUNSELING:   

 1. The first step to making an appointment for free marriage counseling is for you BOTH to fill out the marriage questionnaire. THIS MEANS EACH ONE  OF YOU NEED TO FILL IT OUT - I NEED 2 QUESTIONNAIRRES, NOT 1, SENT TO ME. Many times, there are two entirely different perceptions from a couple and we need both in order for us to counsel you effectively and save time! Click here to fill out the questionnaire. Once both you and your spouse have completed it, you can proceed to Step 2.

2. Next, each of you need to take the following free tests and email the results to starr@marriage101.net

3. Married couples who attend our free marriage classes may make an appointment after class for free marriage counseling in a private setting with Bob & Starr at a later date. 

4. The classes work together with the counseling, so couples must attend the classes and be actively commited and working weekly on their marriages to be in a postion to receive and apply counseling and its beneftis.

5. If you have never been to any of the classes, take the tests, send in the results and then you may call Starr for your appointment if we are on break.

6. If we are in session and you have never been to the classes, take the tests, send in the results and attend the first class together. After that first class, stay and make your first counseling appointment with Starr. 

7. We do not provide childcare for classes or counseling. Our time is very limited so if you cancel an appointment we have set with you, it hurts other couples waiting in line for their appontment. We allow one canceled appointment and after that, if there is another, we can no longer make appointments with you. 

8. Please allow for 2-3 hours with us when you set your appointments. We never go by the time - we are led by the Holy Spirit and some appointments take longer than others. 

We realize that filing these forms out and taking the tests and submitting them will take, but if you are commited to working on your marriage, you will do whatever it takes to get help. There are many couples who won't, but we are hoping you aren't one of them. You are worth it. Do it today. It's free for heavens sake!

Although there is never a charge for a class or couseling, we do sell extra material like books or DVD's which are available in case you want to purchase them from us.