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About Starr & Bob: Paying It Forward 

    After only 5 years of marriage, Starr and Bob were going to get a divorce- their imprints were so different that they couldn't communicate. They were highly effective teaching and preaching on the mission field and then would come home and fight like cats and dogs. Friends invited them to attend a graduation night, they listened to the testimonies of other couples who had learned how to get along with each other and then decided to sign up that night. They said that if they this didn't work, they would go their seperate ways. After completing the entire 13-week class series, three times, their marriage began to heal and they decided to use this experience to help other couples. This urged the couple to become group leaders themselves for The University of the Family. 

Starr and Bob held the 13-week Married Life course, two to three times a year in their own curriculum which they have been teaching since then- a total of 38 years of teaching and counseling- they really mean it when they say that they work for God, because God saved their marriage. 

MARRIAGE 101 MINISTRIES in San Antonio, Texas, is a nonprofit ministry that provides valuable marriage classes and counseling to married couples and those who have been together for many years. The founders of MARRIAGE 101 are Starr and Bob Calo-oy.

Starr and Bob have been married for 40 years and are proud parents of 10 children. 

Paying It Forward

The ministry work we do is an offshoot of Starr and Bob's successful resolution of the marriage issues they faced many years ago. After suffering through a strife-laden married life, the couple began attending marriage classes, upon the suggestion of well-meaning friends.

After completing 14-week classes three times, their marriage began to take a positive turn and eventually became a truly harmonious one. This urged the couple to become group leaders for The University of the Family.

Starr and Bob held 14-week marriage classes through The Married for Life course, two to three times a year in their own home, for 20 years. Then they branched out teaching from their own curriculum and have been doing so for the past 15 years making a total of 35 years in marriage ministry. This is our ministry's way paying it forward; by helping other couples make their marriages work.

Starr and Bob - Marriage Counseling

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